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Is Sugar Your Tooth's Worst Enemy?

Posted on 12/30/2016 by Downtown Dental Care Office
A woman chewing onto a sugar cube.
From the time we could run around, we have all heard that sugar should be avoided at all costs. It was going to rot our teeth right out of our mouths. Well, this is only partly true, and needs to be corrected before people get misconceptions confused with reality.

If you want to be able to protect your teeth, then you need to do more than simply be careful when consuming sugar.

The Truth About Sugar and Tooth Decay

Sugar can damage your teeth - yes, however, that is not the whole story. Sugars cause bacteria to grow, which then become acids in your mouth. These acids are what actually cause the damage to your teeth. If you were to eat only sugar, you would have a very big problem in a relatively short amount of time, but it is not directly because the sugar caused your tooth to rot.

Whenever you eat carbohydrates, like refined sugars, breads, and even some veggies and fruits, you wind up with acids in your mouth. These acids cause plaque to form on your teeth, and you wind up with tooth decay. But in this particular instance, sugar is not directly to blame. While you should limit how much sugar you eat to keep your entire body healthy, you need to make sure you understand that even healthy foods can lead to a similar end.

To find out more about what sugar may be doing to your mouth, go in and speak with your dentist. He or she can look around your mouth and show you any areas that are likely struggling with too much acid. Acid erosion can leave you with sensitive teeth, which can cause certain foods to become too painful to eat.

Find out if you need to be doing more with any acids that may be lurking in your mouth today! Please contact us if you have any questions about sugars effects on your oral health.

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