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How a Straw Can Help You Bypass Stained Teeth

Posted on 3/17/2017 by Downtown Dental Care Office
A teenage girl drinking through a straw.
Drinking the beverages you consume each day, allows them to have contact with your teeth. Some of those beverages, like water, are good to have cleansing and coating your teeth.

However, other beverages, like wine, coffee, and tea, stain your teeth just a little bit each time you drink them.

In order to bypass this problem, you may want to consider drinking your beverages through a straw instead of right out of the cup.

Straws Can Help Your Teeth in More Ways Than One

Straws are a great way to help your drinks pass right by your teeth and go down your throat. It helps take the beverages that would otherwise have darkened the color of your enamel, and places it towards the back of your tongue.

This lets you swallow it without it having much, if any, interaction with the teeth that would normally have been coated by the drink.

Plus, when you drink your beverages through a straw, you are able to avoid the sensitivity that often comes with teeth, especially as we age.

If you opt to drink all beverages, hot and cold, through a straw, you can often spare yourself the pain that comes from having sensitive teeth.

The simple act of drinking out of a straw can do a lot to help up your oral health. It can prevent stains on your teeth, plus help you avoid unnecessary pain. It may not seem like it would do much, but it can make a significant difference.

If you are struggling with stains on your teeth, or would like to fix any tooth sensitivity that you already have, contact our office. See what solutions they can offer you that can combine with using a straw, and get your mouth to a better state of health!

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