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Should You Brush Before or After Breakfast?

Posted on 4/17/2017 by Downtown Dental Care Office
A woman brushing her teeth before breakfast.
When you get up in the morning, do you go straight to the kitchen and eat, only to brush your teeth after, or is that the first thing you do after using the washroom?

There are a lot of different thoughts on this, but the consensus is, if you do not have the time to do both, then do it right when you roll out of bed. Here's why.

Why You Need to Brush When You First Get Up

During the night, the bacteria in your mouth had very little movement. It didn't have extra water being guzzled up to wash off your teeth. It didn't have food brushing it away from your teeth, it just sat there, eating away at your enamel.

While it was eating, it was also creating waste. That means, when you wake up, your mouth is a virtual wasteland that needs a hazmat suit.

By brushing your teeth as soon as you get up, you brush away all of the bacteria and hazardous materials it left behind. You can start off your day with a clean mouth, and keep up with taking care of your mouth properly from there.

If you have the ability to brush again after breakfast, make sure you wait 20-30 minutes after eating to let your saliva bring the pH back to normal levels so you don't brush away more of your enamel.

If you don't often brush right away when you get up, make sure you see your dentist more regularly than every six months. They need to be able to keep an eye on your teeth to make sure that they are not decaying from the damage that the bacteria are causing.

Contact our office today, and find out their suggestions as to how to best start off your morning.

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