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Should You Floss Once or Twice Each Day?

Posted on 4/27/2017 by Downtown Dental Care Office
A woman flossing her teeth.
There are a lot of people who are unsure about how often you should be flossing. Some people believe that it should only be once per day, and others believe that it should be done two times each day.

The truth is, it can be either, but it depends on your specific needs. This is a question best posed to your dentist, as they can give you a much better idea as to what your mouth needs, since no one-sized-fits-all approach is good in terms of your oral health.

The Truth About Flossing

Per the ADA (American Dental Association), once per day is what you should do. However, that doesn't consider anything that may specifically be going on inside your mouth.

That's just a general rule of thumb. If you are busy, then make sure you floss once really well each day. If you have the time, try for two really thorough times each day.

Make sure you discuss your plans with your dentist and make sure they don't have any objections about this practice, but most dentists would welcome people to floss more.

If you only have enough time to floss once per day, most dentists will recommend you do it right before bed. This allows you to go into the time of day where you have the least saliva without extra bacteria, germs, or waste on your teeth, helping to protect them longer.

Contact our office today about how well you currently floss, and things you could do to improve the results you get. They can show you any areas that you may miss, and explain to you how to better reach those areas.

They can also show you where you have been doing a good job, and let you see the benefits of your hard work.

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