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The Benefits of Glass Fillings

Posted on 5/27/2017 by Downtown Dental Care Office
A woman receiving a dental filling.
Glass fillings are not the same as composite fillings, but they can offer you a very similar effect. Glass fillings are not a piece of material that is put into your cavity in the way a traditional filling would be filled. It is actually a cement that is painted and poured into the cavity, then hardened.

It looks like the tooth that surrounds it, and it is easy to blend in and look natural. More dental offices are going towards this type of filling than in the past, and patients are often glad to hear about the change.

Getting Glass Fillings is Just Like Other Types of Fillings

Getting a filling is basically the same no matter where you go. You get the decay removed from the tooth, and the tooth cleaned out.

Once the area is clean, the glass filling cement is prepared, and then put into the space that was just cleaned out. After the filling is put in place, it is shaped to match the original tooth and hardened into place.

You still have to take it easy after getting a glass filling, just like with any other filling. Your mouth is going to be a little more sensitive after the filling than it would be on any other day.

Give it a few days of gentle use, then you can go back to using your tooth like normal. It will be hard for anyone to tell that you have a filling in that tooth, since the glass is going to refract the colors around it and look like the rest of your tooth.

Find out if your dentist offers glass fillings, and if so, if it would help you to get for any future cavities. Your dentist will be able to break down when it is best to use these types of fillings in place of other fillings, so you can know your options.

Please contact our our office if you have any questions about glass fillings.

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