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Why Your Health Depends on You Replacing Missing Teeth

Posted on 6/25/2017 by Downtown Dental Care Office
A man suffering from a missing tooth.
Outside of wisdom teeth, when a tooth is pulled from your mouth for any reason, you need to figure out a way to restore that tooth. These teeth all need each other to function properly, and your jaw needs each of your teeth to stay healthy.

Even one missing tooth can cause issues in your jaw and can leave your mouth, and the rest of your body, not as healthy as when you had all of your teeth.

If you have had a tooth or two pulled, and those teeth were not replaced, you may want to go in and see your dentist sooner, rather than later.

Dangers of Leaving Missing Teeth Open

When the gums where a tooth once was are left alone, your body eventually begins to reabsorb the bone that used to hold that tooth in place. That bone will continue to deteriorate until there is nothing left.

The problem is, it will also continue to deteriorate the bone nearby. This can cause bone under a healthy tooth to begin to deteriorate as well, causing you to potentially lose additional teeth.

Your body depends on your mouth remaining functional to be able to keep itself healthy. Without teeth, you struggle to get the right vitamins and minerals, and you struggle to remain healthy.

You need your teeth. If only one tooth is missing, a bridge or an implant are easy fixes, so long as you have it done as soon as the gums heal from the extraction. If it has been a while, this may not work. You may have to go with a denture or procedures that make an implant possible, such as a bone graft.

To find out how to fix a gap where a tooth used to be, contact our office as soon as you can.

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