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Learning About the Dangers of Ice When Using It to Cool Off

Posted on 7/30/2017 by Downtown Dental Care Office
Beware of using ice to cool off.
Summer is here and with it comes all kinds of temptations that are just horrible for your teeth. You can start with freeze pops and popsicles which are nothing but frozen sugar. Then fudge bars which are like eating frozen chocolate pudding. From there you can move to the frozen drinks like slushies and then there are snow cones and Italian Ice. The one thing they all have in common is sugar, however, ice is another thing that they have in common. Perhaps you are a chronic ice chewer, but if you aren't summer may be the one time of year that you indulge in this activity that could not be worse for your teeth.

So What Happens to My Teeth When I Chew Ice?

Your teeth aren't designed to be tools as many people think. They also aren’t designed to chew things like ice. Ice is a very hard substance and it is hard on your teeth. If you chew ice enough, you can end up with teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold. This could happen if chewing ice damaged your tooth enamel.

Your tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances I your body. It is there to protect your teeth from damage. When you chew ice, it can damage this enamel and allows places for bacteria to gain access to your dentin. This can also leave you at risk for cavities.

Chewing ice can also cause your teeth simply to crack or chip. As strong as your teeth are they are no match for ice. And as strong as crowns and fillings are they too are no match for ice. Do yourself a favor this summer. Get a little fruit juice and water and make your own popsicles out of fruit juice. It’s healthier and better for you than chewing ice. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more, please call us today at (503) 420-7600.

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