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Do Not Consume These Products Following Oral Surgery

Posted on 9/17/2017 by Downtown Dental Care Office
 Oral Surgery Downtown Dental Care OR 97205
If you recently had oral surgery, chances are you were sent home with a long list of things to do to help your mouth heal.

This should have included how to take care of yourself, how to keep your mouth clean, and what foods to make sure you had on hand to improve the health and healing-ability of your mouth.

However, not all post-operative instructions include things you should not eat for the health of your mouth. Here are some of the foods you want to make sure to avoid.

After Oral Surgery, Avoid These Products

The first type of food to avoid is anything spicy. The last thing you want is those spices making their way into the sutures and leaving your mouth on fire. These should not be had until your oral surgery sutures have fallen out and the wounds are totally healed. You will thank us for that later.

Don't eat anything that is super hot to the touch, either. Some people have the ability to eat something right out of a frying pan. If this is you, now is not the time to try and impress someone with your skills. Wait for your mouth to have healed before you try this feat. It could cause burns on top of cuts, which will not only increase pain, but also healing time.

Tiny foods should be avoided following oral surgery, too. Consider what would happen if a sesame or poppy seed got into your sutures and began to rot since you couldn't brush the area properly. This would cause a lot of potential problems, and could even make you sick. Just don't do it.

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