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Ways of Protecting Your Teeth When You Drink Tea and Coffee

Posted on 8/13/2018 by Downtown Dental Care Office
Ways of Protecting Your Teeth When You Drink Tea and CoffeeMost people in the U.S. begin their day with a cup of coffee or tea. Unfortunately, what many of us don't realize is the impact these beverages can have on our teeth. These tips can keep them safe.

Brush Your Teeth

The best way to protect your teeth from staining and other problems as a result of coffee and tea is to brush regularly. Always brush at least twice per day and make a habit of brushing after you finish your beverage. However, wait about 30 minutes before you brush, otherwise you may cause tooth damage as a result of brushing acids into the enamel.

Use a Straw

While this might not be an option if you are a hot beverage drinker, when possible, drink through a straw. An iced tea or coffee can easily be enjoyed through a straw, and the liquid will be diverted away from your pearly whites.

Rinse Out Your Mouth with Water

A bottle of water is also a good tool to combat staining and acid erosion. Simply swish out your mouth after you're done drinking. This will rinse away excess acid, sugar, and bacteria before it has a chance to do any damage.

Don't Sip
It isn't a good practice to sip on a cup of coffee all day. If you do, your teeth will be subjected to acid and staining agents for hours. Instead, drink your beverage in a relatively short period of time to minimize contact.

Visit Your Dentist

Make sure your dental appointments are prominently displayed on your calendar. These appointments are crucial to keep stains at bay. Your dental hygienist will polish your teeth and can remove a majority of the stains attributed to coffee and tea.

Do you want to protect your teeth from coffee and tea stains and damage? Call us today to set up your next appointment.

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