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Dental Implants in Portland, OR

At Downtown Dental Care, we understand exactly how hard it can be to have to deal with tooth loss. Even the loss of a single tooth can make simple things like eating and speaking difficult. People so often take their teeth for granted until they start to lose them. Fortunately, we live during a time that offers so many great tooth replacement technologies that one will surely work for you! The best tooth replacement option available today is the dental implant. With the ability to replace one tooth, or many teeth, dental implants offer you a great way to maintain your oral health for years to come.

What makes dental implants so great?

To call dental implants "the best" tooth replacement option available is not a boast – it's a fact. In order to understand exactly how valuable of an asset they provide to your mouth, it's important to understand how other tooth replacement options work.

Get Dental implants in Portland, Oregon.Consider a traditional dental bridge. A bridge is a restoration that fills a gap of missing teeth, and it needs at least two healthy teeth to support it at each side. It's made to look like your real teeth and helps you to chew just like real teeth – it's even a permanent fixture in your mouth. However, the healthy teeth that we use to anchor it in your mouth have to be heavily modified to accept the bridge and will never be able to function as teeth again without a restoration sitting on top of them. Further, the bridge simply bridges the gap between the teeth, it does not extend down into the gum line, and provides you with no added benefit to your oral health.

Dental implants in Portland, Oregon.By comparison, a dental implant is also a permanent fixture in your mouth and allows you to eat and speak just like a traditional bridge would. Dental implants do not require us to modify or alter your natural, healthy teeth in any way. They are surgically placed into the bone in your jaw, which gives your mouth the added substantial benefit of promoted bone growth. When teeth are lost, the bone below them stops being stimulated because it no longer receives any feedback from the act of chewing. Dental implants give your jaw that feedback.

Many Tooth Replacement Options

Dental implants can support a wide variety of tooth replacement options. If you have a tooth knocked out in an accident, we can offer you a single dental implant that will make it appear as though you never lost it. If you have lost several teeth in a row, we can offer you a dental implant supported bridge that will allow you to forgo having your natural teeth altered. If you are missing all of your teeth and are tired of the hassle of using dentures, we can even offer you a full arch replacement system that is permanent and implant supported.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants, or setup a no obligation consultation with us, please call us today at (503) 420-7600. We look forward to seeing your smile.

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