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Why Dental Implants?

Your oral health is an important aspect of your overall wellbeing. It is necessary to have functioning teeth in order to continue speaking, eating, and even swallowing in the manner in which you have grown accustomed. Without the ability to do these things, our confidence as well as our quality of life significantly drops. That means that when you end up with a dental issue, you need to get it fixed as quickly as possible! At Downtown Dental Care, we understand that sometimes things happen regardless of our best intentions and effort. Don’t avoid asking for help because you’re worried about what we might say – we just want to help you feel better and regain great oral health!

One of the most common, and most effective, procedures that you might experience as a patient is that of dental implants. Dental implants are one of the most recommended ways to deal with certain dental issues, and they can be a great boon to many patients.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are, simply speaking, substitutes that replace the roots of any missing teeth you might have. They serve as an anchor for a crown, replacement tooth, or even for a set of teeth replacements. They are generally metal and are inserted into the root area where your teeth used to be. This not only helps in the preparation for a replacement tooth of some sort, but it also can work to help maintain the structural integrity of your mouth and your jaw.

Dental Implants At Downtown Dental Care in Portland, OR.

Why dental implants?

When you need a tooth or a set of teeth replaced, there are a few different options at your disposal. Dental implants are probably going to be recommended above the other options, and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, because dental implants act as a root for your replacement tooth, the replacement tooth itself is more naturally situated in your mouth. As a permanent fixture, this implant and replacement tooth work together to provide you a more natural feeling, which is more conducive to daily activities than other options. Dentures, for example, are not anchored down by this “root replacement” technology, which means that they are far more prone to slide around and actually impede your speaking and chewing abilities than they are to help.

Dental implants are as close to a real tooth as you can get after your natural tooth has been removed. It offers the best quality of life and the best comfort of the potential solutions. The process of installing a dental implant might be a little more expensive than options like a removable denture, but the implant is genuinely the best way to continue living your life the way that you’d like to live it.

Do you need more information on the process of installing dental implants? Are curious as to whether or not dental implants could be a good option for you? If so, contact us at (503) 420-7600 today and speak with our experienced staff! We’re happy to schedule an appointment and discuss your dental needs.

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