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CEREC Same Day Crowns in Portland, OR

We get it. Going to the dentist probably isn't your favorite part of the day, week, or month. It's not a secret – we poke around in your mouth, tell you to brush and floss, and it takes time out of your day. At Downtown Dental Care, our goal is always to give you fast and effective treatment to help ensure you can get on with your life and can stop worrying about your teeth. That's why Dr. Christianson has introduced CEREC same-day crowns, because they give our patients the most value for their time!

What is CEREC®?

CEREC same-day crowns at Downtown Dental Care.CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a unique CAD/CAM system that allows us to offer your crowns and tooth restorations in only hours, as opposed to weeks.

Remember what it was like to have a crown place the traditional way? Head to the dentist where they fuss with your tooth to prepare it to receive a crown. Suffer through long waits while the impression is taken. Have a temporary crown placed on your tooth and head home for a few weeks while the permanent crown is fashioned. Then, return to the dental office to have your temporary crown removed and the permanent placed. It took considerable time and effort without CEREC.

Now, we are able to skip all the wait time and give you reliable restorations right away with CEREC technology.

How does CEREC® work?

CEREC same-day crowns at Downtown Dental Care.When you come to our office to have a CEREC same-day crown placed you will be pleasantly surprised.

The first step is to use the CEREC intraoral camera to take a digital impression of your teeth. A digital impression is essentially a 3D image of your tooth. Goopy impression agents are not applied; just a quick scan with an intraoral camera and we can begin preparing your crown in our office.

We can then begin the process of preparing your tooth to receive the crown. To do this we will remove the broken or unstable portions of the tooth to allow the crown to fit over the top of the tooth. While your tooth is being prepared, a CAM machine will be hard at work interpreting and crafting a precision replica of your tooth. When the crown is finished being made and your tooth is ready to receive it, we can place it and finalize your restoration. It's that easy!

It only takes about two hours to receive a CEREC same-day crown at our office and we are certain that you will be pleased with the results. CEREC crowns even contain no metal!

You can't get same-day crowns just anywhere. We have passed rigorous training and certifications that have qualified us to offer this unique and valuable procedure to our patients.

There are many advantages that CEREC same-day crowns offer, which include:
•  Tooth colored restorations
•  Long lasting
•  Durable
•  No metal
•  Fast
•  Natural feeling
•  Safe

If you would like to learn more about CEREC same-day crowns, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us today at (503) 420-7600.

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