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Composite Dental Bonding Portland, OR

There comes a point in everyone's life when they take a look in the mirror and realize that their smile needs some rejuvenation. It's nothing to be ashamed of and shouldn't be surprising considering how much our teeth do for us and what a beating they continually take. After thousands of cups of coffee, it's no wonder that teeth need a little bit of whitening! But what can be done about damaged teeth that have cracks or chips in them? At Downtown Dental Care, we offer a treatment known as composite dental bonding that is able to quickly and effectively repair damaged teeth, restoring your smile to its original luster.

What is composite dental bonding?

If your teeth have experienced significant chipping and cracking, we can repair them with dental bonding. Composite dental resins are a valuable and relatively new material that allow us to seamlessly fill and fix teeth with a strong, long lasting material that is almost impossible to see.

Unlike amalgam, the silvery metallic material traditionally used in fillings, composite resins offer an invisible solution to tooth repair. Using this composite resin material, we can sculpt missing pieces of teeth that have been chipped, and reinforce/cover unsightly cracks. This treatment is a permanent solution that has the ability to last for many years.

We use the same resin to accomplish dental bonding that we do to fill in tooth colored fillings.

Treatment is Fast and Effective

Composite dental bonding at Downtown Dental Care.Compared to other cosmetic dental procedures, dental bonding is incredibly easy, cost effective, and fast, while offering beautiful and long lasting results. We start your treatment by mixing the resin to match the color of your teeth exactly. Everyone's teeth are unique in their coloration and shade, and we do a fantastic job of making sure that your bond appears natural.

We will then prepare your teeth to receive the bond by using a special tool to texture your tooth. Texture is added to your tooth by way of scratching some small lines into the surface where we want the bond to take place. This adds some extra surface area to the tooth where the resin can take hold, adding stability and longevity to the bond. We will then apply the resin to your tooth. Resin is the consistency of putty or clay when first applied to the tooth. This consistency allows us to mold and shape it, and once we have achieved the desired effect, we can apply a special ultraviolet light to the resin which will harden it permanently in place.

Special Care Instructions

As with all dental restorations, it is important to take special care of your dental bonding. Be sure not to use your teeth as tools to help open packaging or bags. Never chew on hard object like ice cubes or extremely sticky candies and caramels. Other than these specific issues, feel free to use your teeth as you normally would.

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