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How Water Impacts Your Oral Health
Posted on 1/10/2019 by Downtown Dental Care Office
Water is vital to many of your body's natural functions. Without water, you'll become dehydrated and begin to suffer from a number of different illnesses. Water is also very important for your oral health. Without clean water, you'll begin to experience a number of different issues with your teeth and gums. Water Protects Your TeethIn the U.S. and many other countries, the city drinking water includes fluoride. This helps to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Without clean drinking water, your teeth will be exposed to a number of bacteria. These bacteria will attach themselves to your teeth and begin to eat away at the enamel there, especially if you don't brush your teeth regularly. They can also lead to gum disease. In areas without clean drinking water, it's also common to find manganese and other elements in the water. Continued exposure to high levels of some of these elements, especially those that are highly acidic, can cause damage to your teeth and gums. It Washes Out Bacteria Water also helps keep your mouth clean by washing away some of the bacteria and food particles that have become stuck in your teeth. While it's no substitution for brushing or flossing, drinking plenty of water will help your mouth clean, especially if the water is clean. Are You at Risk? For most people, access to clean, fresh water isn't a problem. However, those who live in rural areas may get their water from wells rather than from a city water system. This water likely doesn't include fluoride, so it doesn't help keep your teeth strong. It's possible that the water may also have some extra trace minerals or elements that cause some tooth issues. Overall, drinking water keeps you healthy in multiple ways and protects your teeth. If you haven't had access to clean drinking water for some time, you need to come in to see us for a checkup and a cleaning as soon as you can....

Dangers of Putting Aspirin in Your Mouth to Treat a Toothache
Posted on 12/25/2018 by Downtown Dental Care Office
Aspirin is a common medication that can be purchased over the counter for many aches and pains. It has also been recommended for older patients or those at high risk for a heart attack. However, some people will also use it to help a toothache that they are experiencing. They will break the medication down in their mouth, place it on the area that is bothering them and let it sit there. This is meant to numb the area and put the pain medication where it is needed. Aspirin Can Cause Damage to TeethSince aspirin is an acidic-based medication, it is important to realize that holding it on the outside of the teeth can break down the enamel and make the teeth break down with it. This is causing them to remove the protective outer-layer that would otherwise protect the inside or pulp of the tooth. Having anything acidic sitting on the outside of the teeth, even orange juice, can cause the teeth to break down. This then causes cavities and infections to happen within the tooth when the cavity goes further down than necessary. This is important to think about if you use aspirin to treat toothaches on a regular basis. It might be wearing the tooth down even more than necessary. Before taking aspirin for any condition or pain that is being felt, it is important that a patient first consult with their primary care provider, as well as our dental professionals. Taking any medication should be done responsibly. For more information about tooth pain and sensitivity or to schedule a time to come in and take care of any dental issues that you may be having, speak with us today. Give our office a call and our dental professionals would be more than happy to provide an assessment....

Dangers of Not Flossing on a Daily Basis
Posted on 12/15/2018 by Downtown Dental Care Office
The basics of a good oral hygiene routine include flossing every day. There are plenty of benefits to flossing, but that does not stop many people from ignoring them and not flossing every day. Instead of flossing, they come up with excuses for not flossing. If they knew the dangers that they face when they fail to floss every day, they may change their mind and stop making their excuses. This is what can happen if you do not floss every day. Potential ProblemsThe list of potential problems from not flossing every day is long and some of the problems are very serious. Most of these issues should help convince a person not to skip their daily flossing. People who floss every day are probably more likely to follow other good health habits. The routine that people follow when taking care of their body plays a large role in how healthy, they are and their ability to avoid many health issues. It is important to do all the things that your body needs every day if you want a long, happy and healthy life. Contact our offices to schedule your next appointment today to learn more about this and other oral health issues....

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