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Teeth Veneers Portland, OR

The dental industry offers an array of solutions to oral issues. When you have a cavity, we fill it. If you lose some teeth, we can replace them with dental implants or dentures. But what can be done about the beauty of your smile? Fortunately, we have you covered with a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures. We can give you a more beautiful smile using many different procedures, the most powerful of which are porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers offer you the ability to alter your smile in virtually any way. From teeth that are more white and more able to resist stains, to altering the alignment of your teeth, porcelain veneers offer you endless options.

How Porcelain Veneers Work

Veneers are wafer-thin pieces of porcelain that are made to look like your teeth. They are made to fit over your teeth, extending behind your tooth on both the sides and the top of the tooth. Reasons for using porcelain veneers to alter your smile include:
•  Covering cracked teeth
•  Covering chipped teeth
•  Making teeth appear bigger, or smaller
•  Straightening crooked teeth
•  Changing the coloration of teeth

Advantages of Veneers

Porcelain veneers at Downtown Dental Care.Veneers offer our patients the ability to reshape their smile in so many ways all at once, that listing all the advantages can be difficult. You have so much control over how your smile will look – you can choose the exact shade of white that you would like and simultaneously make crooked teeth appear straightened! They resist staining and are able to last for many years.

Really, the advantages that porcelain veneers provide lie in the amount of issues that they can fix. Being able to address a huge variety of issues with a single, high quality, solution that lasts is a very valuable trait.

Disadvantages of Veneers

With the level of control over your smile that veneers offer, it's hard to see many downsides. In order for the veneers to fit over your tooth, we must shave off the outer portions of enamel from your tooth. If we didn't remove this enamel and placed the veneers directly over your natural teeth, they would appear very large and would crowd the other teeth in your mouth tremendously. As a result, some people experience sensitivity to heat and cold food and drink after receiving veneers.

Cavities can still form on your teeth if you have veneers placed, making it important to keep up with normal hygiene routines. It is also important to be mindful about what you chew on once you have veneers placed. You should never use your teeth as tools to open packaging or to chew on hard objects like ice cubes. With veneers this rule is very important to stick to, as you can chip or damage them. Repairing veneers means having them replaced, so it can be costly.

Having Veneers Placed

When you decide to get veneers, we will have a consultation with you to determine what you would like to accomplish with your smile. We will then shave some of the enamel off of your teeth in preparation for the veneers. An impression of your teeth is taken to ensure that we have an accurate model to base the creation of the veneers off of. Once they have been crafted, we can place them on your teeth and ensure that they fit within your bite.

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